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Why You Should Join Your State Nonprofit Association


The nonprofit association is an important part of the nonprofit industry. If you work in a state with a chapter, you should join it. Here's why:

  • Easier networking opportunities

  • Better access to education and training

  • Faster access to resources like grants and funding opportunities

You can build your network and find mentors.

There are many reasons to join your state nonprofit association. One of the most important is that you can build your network and find mentors.

Mentors provide guidance, helping you navigate the nonprofit world and find opportunities that fit with your mission. They also help you navigate funding sources, volunteers and training opportunities.

You can connect with other organizations in your community.

The value of networking with your nonprofit peers is tremendous. You can learn from each other and share resources, collaborate on projects, and more!

  • Meet people doing similar work: The relationships you make with other organizations are invaluable because they help you to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening in your community. You'll be able to get the latest news about funding opportunities or government policy changes that will affect your organization and its mission.

  • Learn from each other: The knowledge base of nonprofit staff members is vast—we've all been working in our fields for years or decades—and there's always something new to learn about how our organizations function best (or worst). By collaborating with colleagues at other nonprofits, you'll have access to this collective wisdom without having to spend countless hours researching it yourself.

  • Share resources: Because nonprofits are often small organizations staffed by volunteers who aren't paid much money if any at all, it's easy for us not only not having enough time but also not having enough money! This means that when we do find ourselves with extra funds lying around (and we all do), it feels great knowing that those dollars were put towards something useful rather than just sitting around collecting dust somewhere at home instead."

You have access to a national network of resources.

As a member of your state nonprofit association, you have access to a nationwide network. The national association offers resources on how to start and run a nonprofit organization. It offers information on fundraising, volunteers, grants and press coverage.

You can attend educational workshops, conferences and webinars.

You can attend educational workshops, conferences and webinars. These events are hosted by your state association and other experts in the field of nonprofit management. These events are great opportunities to learn about topics that are relevant to your organization and personal/professional development.

You can also meet other nonprofit leaders from around the state at these events, which will help you build relationships within the field.

You'll receive up-to-date news and information on nonprofit topics.

You'll receive up-to-date news and information on nonprofit topics.

You'll receive a monthly newsletter.

You'll have access to a database of nonprofit resources.

You'll have access to a database of nonprofit jobs.

You'll have access to a database of nonprofit grants

You'll receive legal updates and information on changes in policy and regulation.

Your state nonprofit association will be able to provide you with legal updates from a lawyer or law firm in your state. These updates can include things like changes in policy or regulation, new laws that have been passed, and how they may affect your organization. They will also be able to provide you with advice on how to navigate these changes if necessary.

Joining a nonprofit association is a networking and educational opportunity.

Joining your state nonprofit association is an opportunity to learn from others’ experiences and meet people who are in similar situations to you. It's also a chance to network with other professionals in the industry, hear about their perspectives on the issues that affect nonprofits, and get a better understanding of how they're navigating their fields.

Because there's such variety among states' nonprofit associations, it's important to do some research before deciding where to join. Look at all of your options online or contact any local community colleges where you may work; sometimes they host information sessions on nonprofit associations for students interested in working for nonprofits after graduation.


If you are looking to join a nonprofit association, there is no better place than your state nonprofit association. State associations provide a multitude of benefits and services to their members and the public. They offer resources for member organizations, advocacy efforts, networking opportunities and so much more!

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