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At 9to5 Founder we understand the challenges that working nonprofit founders face with finding reliable and accurate help that meets the need of your growing organization. We are passionate about helping nonprofit founders step into their role as organizational leaders even while they are still working full time. Our services help you founders obtain their 501(c)3 tax designation, build boards that are active and engaged, and develop programs that are ready for grant funding.


The nonprofit industry is a $3.79 TRILLION dollar industry, however there is a lack of diversity in equity and leadership within the nonprofit sector. When comparing results from a 2019 survey on nonprofit racial leadership with results from 2016, Race to Lead found there was an increase in the number of people of color who reported their race or ethnicity had negatively affected their career advancement. In contrast, more white respondents reported that their race had helped their career.


We understand the financial and time constraints many new nonprofit founders face while juggling professional and personal obligations while building a nonprofit organization. That’s why we are committed to helping founders gain the education and skills necessary to build thriving nonprofit organizations.

  • We curate and provide access to high quality education resources and tools that will save you hours and thousands of money wasted on surface level “coaching” with big promises and little to no results.

  • We teach you the skills to make executive leadership decisions about your organization to ensure growth and impact.

  • We provide original courses and that provide you with the lessons learned from years of nonprofit experience, research, and education.

  • We show founders how to utilize their current trainings, skills, and expertise to create financial stability within their organizations.


Our innovative hybrid approach to nonprofit training and education stands to meet the needs of nonprofit founders who can go from spending hours searching online for the answer to their questions to having succinct and impactful nonprofit strategy and help at an affordable price. The 9to5 Founder is here to help you on the path from founded to fully funded.

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